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    Great quality used units, appear to be datacenter run. Tested prior to shipping. Grade A
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    Comes with everything needed to get you started. Included:
    • Motherboard with integrated dual core CPU.
    • 1600w PSU.
    • msata SSD (32gb)
    • 8gb RAM.
    • x2 190 CFM high airflow fans.
    • VGA input on face plate.
    • USB ports on face plate.
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    GrayMatter Industries is proud to introduce BlockPower, the first UL listed 60 amp 3 phase PDU specifically designed for miners. This is a "direct wire" unit, meaning plugs and receptacles are not needed, saving hundreds of dollars on installation. Manual: GMI PowerBlock 60-208 Met Current production batch is finishing up now and will be available for shipping 11/1/2019. Highlights:
    • 24 C-13 outlets
    • 6x 25 amp breakers
    • 208v - 17.3kw usable @ 80% 220v - 18.3kw usable @ 80% 240v -19.9kw usable @ 80%
    • Supports 12 antminer S9s @ 208v
  • 4U Expansion for v3.0 & v3.1 GPU cases.

    -Only for v3.0 & v3.1. Economy case support may come later. -Allows you to use up to 16 GPUs on 1 Motherboard in only 8U. -Your option of 6 or 8 Riser plate. -Comes with Fans installed w/ Fan splitter cable. -Hole in the bottom of the expansion case above the mother board to allow easy cable movement. -2 PSU mounts. -Expansion case screws onto your v3.0/3.1 in place of the lid. -Use the lid from your current v3.0/3.1 case to close up the expansion case.
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    Economy cases now with Dual PSU support! The ECONOMY Model was designed with large scale crypto miners in mind.  We've cut every possible corner in the manufacturing process to get the lowest cost possible.  With this in mind, ECON cases are being sold as "chassis only" by default with no accessories included.  If you wish to buy risers and fans, check the drop down box out.  It will include 8x risers, USB cables, 90 degree adapters, fan splitter with PWM control and 3x 190cfm delta fans The ECON Case is a 8 (eight) GPU Case. Included: - Screws / all necessary mounting hardware.
    Highlights: - Standard 4U 19" rackmount chassis compatible with almost all cabs / datacenters - Case supports ATX motherboards. - Double PSU mount with clearance for long power supplies. - Mounting hardware for 8 usb pci-e risers which securely host up to 12.5" long video cards - Designed to fit v007S risers and similar. Some risers may not fit correctly due to the different screw holes on the riser. - Supports 3x 120mm fans w/ clearance for 200+cfm server grade fans (1.5'' thick fans) - Gray powder coat finish
    This item is currently only offered in bulk quantities of 50 or more. Please send us a message below to order.

  • 22mm Momentary latching illuminated power button for use in Gray Matter ECONOMY and V2.1 Cases only. Color - Blue
  • Gray Matter v3.1 GPU Case

    Please choose 6 or 8 GPU option:
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     Rackmountable shelf for Antminers S9/L3+

    • 7U Rackmount shelf for Antminer S9/L3+
    • Designed to fit 19" server racks.
    • Supports 3 Bitmain units and power supplies
    • APW3++ PSU mounts

     For orders 50+ please contact [email protected] for bulk price quotes.

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    -Designed for 19" server racks -8U and 11" deep

      For orders 50+ please contact [email protected] for bulk price quotes.  
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    Brand new in box, Silent Pro 1200 watt power supply.
  • Pack of 3 AFB1212SHE 150cfm fans. Upgrade option for those building higher power systems, ~150cfm. Will support a system in excess of 2,000 watts. 4-pin PWM to allow the user to control fan speed.
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    Compatible with V3.1 Cases ONLY! Upgrade GPU plate with mountings for 8x PCI-E risers. Replacement for the 6-GPU plate in V3.1 Cases. Comes with: - 8-GPU mounting plate - 2 additional v007S (SATA) risers w/ 100cm usb cables - Optional mounting plate for PCI-E Port Multiplier Available.
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