Spondooliestech SP20 Jackson


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Spondooliestech SP20 Jackson

Tested and working 1.1-1.7 TH/s
Outer case may have scratches and dings.
FW 7.2.1 installed
Comes with HP server PSU (Part # 337867-501)

Firmware downloads.

SP20 SD Reflash Firmware

SP20 2.7.1 Firmware


SP20 SD Reflash Firmware: Download the zip file and put the contents into the Micro SD card. With the SP20 unplugged insert the SD card into the Micro SD slot. Once the SD card clicks into place plug the SP20 back in. The SP20 has a Green and Yellow light on the back that will light up. Once they rapidly flash back and forth the flash has completed and you can now unplug the SP20 and remove the Micro SD card. You can now plug the SP20 back in and once it’s up you should get the agreement page. Accept and login.

25 in stock

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Just enter in your pool information and it’s ready to go!

Units will be preset to run 1.1-1.3 TH/s. so they can be run out of the box. If you’d like to increase hash rate you’ll need about a 1200w PSU. PSU shipped is 900w on 120v: HP (Part # 337867-501).

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Dimensions 20 × 8 × 8 in