Gray Matter 4U Expansion for v3.0 and v3.1 cases

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4U Expansion for v3.0 & v3.1 GPU cases.

Price TBD.

-Prototype. Will have small changes in final design.
-Only for v3.0 & v3.1. Economy case support may come later.
-Allows you to use up to 16 GPUs on 1 Motherboard in only 8U.
-Your option of 6 or 8 Riser plate.
-Comes with Fans installed w/ Fan splitter cable.
-Hole in the bottom of the expansion case above the mother board to allow easy cable movement.
-2 PSU mounts.

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Expansion fits on top of the v3.0/v3.1 case. You screw the expansion case into the lid screw holes on the v3.0/v3.1 and screw the original lid from the v3.0/v3.1 onto the top of the expansion case. Expansion case is designed to allow the use of Motherboards for up to 16 GPUs in a closed case.

This is only a prototype and will have some small changes in the finished product. For inquires please contact [email protected]

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 32 x 22 x 12 in

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