Miner Consignment

Looking to sell your miners but don’t have the time or resources to do it?

Gray Matter Industries is now offering consignment as a service. We can receive, store, refurbish, and sell used miners on your behalf.

Many underestimate the complexities when it comes to turning over used equipment. Do all of your units work? Are they covered in dirt from running in a shipping container for the last year? People buying used miners want good running units, who wouldn’t? Our staff will test every unit to verify good working order. Units that need it will be cleaned and have necessary parts replaced to ensure its in the best possible shape when it goes up for sale. This gets you the most money for your used units and avoids angry buyers who would otherwise get dirty miners not running at optimal performance.

Take advantage of our established Ebay, Amazon, Newegg, and website presence. We have years of experience buying, and selling mining equipment and have the contacts, reputation, and capabilities to make your next equipment turnover a breeze.

S9 Refurbishment

$15per miner

Miner Storage

$25per pallet per month

Pricing for resale services depend on quantity and platforms chosen. Please contact us below for a quote based on your needs.