To new, potential and existing customers,

First, thank you for your patience and apologies for the delays.  As I’m sure everyone knows, we’ve been absolutely hammered on back orders, and wanted to be transparent with everyone regarding the situation.  I’ve seen threads and things on BTC talk accusing us of preferential deliveries, or only ordering when we reach a certain quantity and wanted to tell everyone this is simply not true.


The truth is we’ve gone from selling / moving about 100 cases per month average, to over 500+ per month, a 5x increase causing backup in our manufacturers channels. We have already sourced additional manufacturers to assist with the increase.  We’ve also taken steps to increase our supply chain as well and are actively seeking to find additional suppliers as well. Please understand, these changes that we took over a month ago are just now starting to deliver. If you’ve ever had exposure / worked in the manufacturing world I hope you can understand.


To give you an example, our recent increase in volume production has consumed ~85% of west coast aluminum sheets that our cases are formed with for month of June.


We are currently shipping based on your order and have been working diligently to continue to fulfill our orders by when they were placed, and no other metric.  We currently have 250 orders on back order, (as we fulfill more are being placed) however, production of the cases is now up to 100 per week that’s a 4x increase from what we were doing before and are hoping to get ahead of the curve.  We’ve increased our staff as well to get them out faster as well. We are receiving orders weekly now, so we’re only a few weeks away from having all backorders fulfilled.


Instead of price gouging we wish to keep loyal customers with good quality products for now, and for the future when the price boom is over.  Over the next couple months we will continue to increase production to keep up with demand and hopefully have stock moving forward. We may increase our prices temporarily (we will honor all orders already priced / paid for or invoices already requested) so that we can source additional manufacturers at a slightly higher price point to continue to deliver to customers.


Risers have also been a pain point for some people, I can tell you, that the newest batch of risers will be version 7 PCI-e 1x to 16x boards (more reliable) with SATA connections and high quality USB cables (low quality USBs can sometime cause issues due to noise over multiple PCI-e lanes), however, even then, they can still fail rate of around 2-3%.  We looked into doing mass testing before shipping but determined it would take a tremendous amount of time and delay getting it in your hands. If you receive a bad riser or cable, please let support know so we can ship you a replacement.


For the future, we’re working under NDA with a motherboard manufacturer to produce backplanes that tie directly with a rigid PCB board expansion.  This means in the future we will probably simply sell 8 GPU barebones systems with the mobo included to get around the riser issue, firmware/driver support, improve reliability, and a better product overall.  We’re looking at two different models, a simple model for mining (cost effective) , and a xeon based one for password crackers, render farms, etc. that will maintain 4x PCI-e data lanes to each of the PCI-e 16x on the backplane, allowing you to take advantage of the full bandwidth.  In addition, PWM controls will be made available on the backplane as well giving you easy fan management and a simplified method to power the risers and the fans for your cases.  So a lot of exciting new things going on as we look forward to serving you.


Our goal is to provide quality products, not junk to our customers and support the crypto community as a whole. I myself have been a miner for over 5 years now, and an active advocate of GPU mining.


Thank you so much for your patience, if you have questions, feel free to reach out to support.  Again, apologies for slow responses as our volumes in emails have gone up by nearly 50x as well.


Thank you,

Brian Snyder

CEO Gray Matter Industries