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  1. Andrew Campbell says:


    Just thought I’d leave a note to say the ASUS Geforce 1080Ti Founder edition doesn’t quite fit by default in 3.0. The external metal plate touches bottom of case before PCI-E connection is fully seated.

    I’ve unscrewed the PCI riser plate and it fits in the case/card seats OK, but need to put some small shims (a few mm underneath) and rescrew it back in – hopefully the screws are long enough by default 🙂

    Alternatively I could put shims under each PCI riser but that seems like more work!



  2. Andrew Campbell says:

    n.b. I mean the two pronged bit of:

  3. Mark Arrington says:


    First, Thank you for your e-mail and explanation of your current situation. I can appreciate your stress. Not to add to it, but I ordered 4 of the S9 rack mounts with the PSU’s a month ago. I just ordered 4 more of the same. Since these are special units that were over built from another order and limited……. Could I please have them shipped at the same time???…..maybe my 2 Grey matter cases as well??? that I would love to order more of…;-) So sorry to add to your stress, but God willing and I pray for all of us…. This is a blessing for many.

    Mark Arrington

  4. rpando6 says:


    I am contacting because in about 2 months or less I will be needing GPU Mining Server Cases. I was looking at the v2.1 of 6 GPU to 7 GPU. I was wondering if you still made and sold those? I would be looking at getting 10+ of them and I need to get the lowest priced 6+GPU model you have.

    Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

  5. xapalo says:

    We area already ordered 6 S9 units from Antminer, with its own APW3++.

    We want to use 2 “Antminer S9 Rackmount Shelf” to house it, but you say it will not works with APW3+, as its more wider than APW3.
    What’s about APW3++? Works or not?
    Any alternative?

    Please, advise.

  6. graymatter says:

    Hi Xapalo,

    Unfortunantly the shelves are only compatible with AWP3+ and AWP3. Basically the front plate unscrews and you can change the plate based on what style of PSU you have. I’ve ordered an APW3++ from bitmain but will see if it works…

  7. graymatter says:

    Yes we have version 3.1 6 GPU and also economy cases are coming in stock quickly now as well. (our 7 GPU version / single formed) little bit cheaper less individual components.

  8. graymatter says:

    Hi Mark, all of these were shipped out last week? 10th – 11th time frame from the first order set. We have more coming in stock over the next few weeks. We didn’t carry a large supply of them and have been backlogged really badly on the other projects. I believe we should have about 80 of these in stock within the next 2 weeks, but orders prior to July 10th have all been shipped.

  9. graymatter says:

    hi Ben,

    that was an issue with the riser plates sitting too low on the standoffs. The card was nearly sitting on the bottom of the plate vs sitting on top of the standoffs causing it to ‘sink’ down. The clearance for those metal things is always about the same, let me know if you have further issues, but the new PEM’s width etc should fit it just fine.

  10. Mark Arrington says:

    I am missing some parts from my 2 Grey matter cases. The USB-PCI dongles and the right angle connectors. Without the USB to PCI we are still down.

    Mark Arrington

  11. graymatter says:

    Hi Mark, please email Brian so we can rush you out whatever your missing.


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